Instrument Tuning

All Guitars,

Tunnings for standard 6 string electric guitar, acoustic, classical and 7 string guitars.

Strum Stick, Backpackers

Small stringed and backpacker guitars etc..

Bass, Baritone, Upright

We've included Cello, Upright Bass, 4-8 stringed basses and Baritone guitar.


There are many types of dulcimers and tunnings. Here are a few.

Banjo, 4-5 string

4 and 5 string banjos

Pedal Steel, Slide Guitars

Pedal steel guitars and electric lap slide guitars.


Sitars are used mostly in the middle east countries. Most used tunning here.


The Harps tunning and stringing.


The Harps tunning and stringing.

Mandolin, Mandola, Bouzouki

Since some of these instruments are similar, we've put them together on one page.


Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone tunnings for Ukulele.


Autoharps and digital Autoharps.

Square Neck Resonator Tunnings

Tunnings for resonator guitars.