Dulcimer Tuning


3 & 4 String Dulcimers

3 String Dulcimer

There are a lot of different tunings but these 2 are the most common.

Beginners use this. 
(Thick Bass String) - A - A 

After a beginner advances they use this. 
(Thick Bass String) - A - D 
Tuned like a Strumstick.


4 String Dulcimer

Tuning used most of the time. 
(Thick Bass String) - A - D - D (High Skinny String)

This tuning is just the same as you use for 3-string "D-A-D," with the doubled melody string "opened" into two separate strings. 

Other Tunings
From low to high string.

D Ionian (D-A-A) D 

Mixolydian (D-A-D)

D Dorian (D-A-G)

D Aeolian (D-A-C)


Note:Some dulcimers have extra notches cut in the nut and bridge so that you can separate your strings into
four individual strings, rather than just "melody," "middle," and "bass" strings. 

Dulcimer Builders also make 6-String Dulcimers and Hammer Dulcimers.

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