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Here is the process
Please read before you apply

Send a wave or mp3 file of you singing with an instrument, like a piano or guitar. This helps us get a better feel and direction for the song along with the tempo speed (BPM). Sheet music with chords and words would help too if possible but not needed. This will help the client and producer.

An email will be sent outlining the cost for the music, (in some cases a non-refundable deposit will be required because of the work involved) then we'll give you an estimated time frame for producing the backing track. After confirming costs, production will start on your song. When the track is done, the music will be available to listen to. The backing track will contain an audio watermark which is removed after full payment. No payment is required until you are satisfied.

If any of the music needs tweaked or volumes need changed you can request it at this point. We have to limit this to 2 modifications and then an aditional charge for each modification thereafter.

When you are happy with the music we will send an invoice. Again, no payment is required until you are satisfied.

After payment has been received we will issue your full high resolution backing track. You will be able to download it through our website. 
If purchasing stem packs, links will be supplied for download. Stem packs are all of the individual instrument tracks. This is an optional package for an additional charge to those who want to mix and edit the backing track in their own studio.

Please send us a wave or mp3 file.
Pay nothing now.
We'll review the song and get back to you ASAP.

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